MA Series

Automated robotic loading system for enhanced productivity, machine utilisation and ability to increase unmanned running

Main Benefits

  • Affordable automation
  • Extended unmanned operation
  • Fast reaction to market fluctuations
  • Easy programming (no specialist robot programming knowledge required)
  • Flexible – can be configured for different sized workpieces
  • Quick and trouble-free installation with less field assistance required
  • Unhindered access for manual intervention, manual operation and maintenance
  • The MA and Machine combination are fully CE Marked by Mazak
  • Proven system – (already popular in the market)


Stocker Unit*

Gripper System*


  • Interchangeable workpiece support pillars

  • Layout and setup of pillars guided by GUI

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

GUI integrated into SmoothX controller

  • Provides seamless interface for the operator with same look and feel
  • 3D visualization in software
  • Simple to use
  • Parametric style entry of data
  • Extremely fast set-up & programming (5 minutes’ set-up time for new workpiece)

Applicable Machines

CV5-500 CV5-500
VCN 430A, 430A HS, 530C, 530C HS, 535C, 700D


*images are for illustration purposes