Auto Work Changer (AWC)

The VARIAXIS i-300 AWC (Auto Work Changer) looks and performs like no other 5-axis automation solution. It is designed to deliver a lower cost price per component, faster return-on-investment and improved profitability.

The AWC is ideal for manufacturers requiring increased flexibility to meet the challenges of machining complex components, with a high product mix in small batch sizes. When paired with the AWC, VARIAXIS’ outstanding productivity is enhanced further by fast product changeovers from its 32 stockers to provide continuous machining and reduced non-cutting time.

The AWC comes equipped with its own Smooth AWC software incorporated into MAZATROL SmoothX, which ensures full programming and management from the CNC.

The AWC consists of 2 functions:

  1. Work Changer
  2. Tool Magazine

Work Changer

Compact automation system for machining a wide variety of components in small size lots

The Auto Work Changer (AWC) loads / unloads the work holders to / from the stocker and machining area. After the workpiece is setup at the loading station, the work holder is moved to the stocker by the high speed loader. The work holder is then moved to the machine table for machining according to the production schedule.

Selectable Work Stocker

The capacity of the stocker can be expanded from 32 work holders to 40 work holders after initial installation of the AWC in response to increased production

Work Piece Specifications

Workholder with workpiece on the machine table

Many different workholder specifications are available to meet a wide range of workpiece requirements.

Smooth AWC

Smooth AWC software is incorporated in the MAZATROL SmoothX for operation of the VARIAXIS i-300 AWC.

Tool Magazine

The compact multiple drum tool magazine has a large tool storage capacity to meet the machining requirements of a wide variety of workpieces in small size lots. Tools are automatically loaded from the multiple drum tool magazine to the 25 tool magazine next to the machining area. Tool loading/unloading to/from the multiple drum tool magazine as well as tool data input can be safely performed during machining.


Tool ID allows automatic input and update of tool data into the CNC for machines in a network. It eliminates mistakes when loading tools into the magazine and tool data input as well as reducing setup time. (requires retention bolt with tool ID and tool presetter)

Magazine operation panel

The tool magazine operation panel is used to perform magazine operation, tool loading/unloading and tool data editing (of tools stored in the magazine) to reduce tool setup time.


The SMOOTH TOOL MANAGEMENT software manages data of the large number of tools in use by a factory. By centrally managing tools and registering tool data as well as tool setup, machine non-cutting time can be reduced. This software can also eliminate tool information input errors in the CNC to improve productivity.

Compact tool magazine with large tool storage capacity

Select the tool magazine size that best meets your production requirements

Considerably reduced tool waiting time

The new shifter mechanism has reduced tool waiting time by its ability to position the tool to be used after the next tool. As a result, non-cutting-time is minimized by reducing waiting time when tools are changed which have individual short machining cycle times.

Compact Floor Space

The floor space of the magazine is smaller than comparable large storage capacity tool magazine.