Automation systems provide the ability to flex capacity through lights-out operation, without the burden of adding manpower. It also makes one-piece flow more practical, while producing short-run efficiencies that will reduce non-value-added fabricating time. The bottom line is typically up to a 50% increase in capacity as compared to standalone machines and a significant reduction in lead times.

Mazak was the first manufacturer to introduce laser-cutting machines into a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS).

Today we offer the following systems:


Maximum flexibility and minimum material handling

The SMART MANUFACTURING CELL is the most flexible solution for satisfying the most wide-ranging applications. With the ability for the user to customize and draw their own grippers along with the extensive interface possibilities, this solution offers unrivalled potential.

The system allows pick and place onto specific work-holding solutions or to indexed conveyors, and the ease of offline programming means that specific robot programming experience is not required.


Rugged linear manufacturing system for high volume throughput

Mazak’s EXTENSIBLE MANUFACTURING CELL (EMC) is an FMS system that utilizes a modular or building block approach that enables future growth. Mazak’s EMC series enables you to modify your configuration as your needs change, including the number of machines within the cell. Standard configurations can expand to a total of four machines. A larger number of machines can be integrated into an AUTOMATED STORAGE/RETRIEVAL system.

The rugged design and construction of EMC systems deliver high material storage/transfer capacities and long production life. They are available in a variety of 3015 and 4020 configurations.




The Compact Manufacturing Cell consists of a 10 pallet stocker which can be supplied with up to 1000kg of various materials up to 25mm. The materials are then automatically loaded and unloaded between the stocker and the laser machine.

While a pallet of material is being processed, the system selects a new pallet form the stocker. Once the original pallet is finished processing, it is unloaded from the machine and the new pallet is loaded. Then, the processed pallet is moved to be sorted or stored in the stocker.

The loading and unloading of materials occur on the same side of the Compact Manufacturing Cell, resulting in a reduced traffic line and smaller footprint than similar systems. The system also does not require micro joints to keep cut parts and the skeleton attached, which further simplifies processing.

An optional sorting station for better access to the cut parts and a work lifter is also available to customise the Compact Manufacturing Cell.


Maximizes space, flexibility and operational efficiency 

An AUTOMATED STORAGE/RETRIEVAL (AS/R) system is a strategic investment for a fabrication operation. It delivers a competitive advantage that enables manufacturers to meet changing customer demands with significant operational efficiencies. The benefits of an AS/R system include reduced labour for transporting material/worksheets into and out of inventory and optimizing floor space costs by storing vertically. Sheets are often stored more densely than in systems where they are stored and retrieved manually.

An AS/R system can be utilized to support all functions within your fabrication operation including cutting, bending, welding and finishing. The systems operate under computerized control, maintaining an inventory of stored sheets in various stages of production. The computer determines wherein the storage area the sheets can be retrieved and schedule the delivery through a system of conveyors and/or automated robotic handlers that moves them to the manufacturing floor.

Mazak AS/R systems can be integrated with EXTENSIBLE MANUFACTURING CELLS. They can be designed to store/retrieve 3015 and 4020 size worksheets.


Expanded capabilities for laser machine material handling

A series of modular components are available that can extend the range of application, facilitate throughput and improve the overall efficiency of your laser automation cell. The solutions on this page are a few of the most common components utilized. Contact your Mazak representative for a more comprehensive discussion regarding how we can meet your automation requirements.


Take raw data, read and analyze it, then turn it into actionable information

An element of the Mazak iSMART FactoryTM concept is the ability to utilize software that enables you to visualize the performance of cells, departments and the overall plant as compared to historical or target performance. These insights are the real-time tools that utilize IoT technology that helps enable fabricators to manage the process rather than reacting to historical reporting.

  • See the productivity and increased profitability as it happens in real-time
  • Productivity problems can be identified fast – accelerating resolution
  • Plant-wide productivity increases in the range of 10% to 50%
  • Dashboard metrics can be available for everyone on the shop floor to see

Mazak iSMART FactoryTM offers an industrial internet platform solution for manufacturing including hardware and software that connects directly to manufacturing equipment. It is designed to monitor every machine in your shop, CNC machines, non-CNC machines, fabrication centers and manual processes, all tied together in a production process manufacturing execution system.

Machine monitoring delivers instantaneous, automatic and timed proactive email and text alerts to minimize downtime. Detailed analyses of downtime root cause points to areas requiring more operator training. Identification and removal of unnecessary optional stops helps recover lost production time.