Mazak has a range of automation solutions designed for every machine-type and application. From simple robot machine tending through to complex 5-axis component and fixturing and onto our flagship PALLETECH Multi-Tasking solution, we are leading the field in providing turnkey automation solutions that can dramatically improve machine utilisation, productivity and profitability.

PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell.    

We offer the PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell (single level) and PALLETECH High Rise System (2 or 3 levels) to suit your product needs.    

Furthermore, the PALLETECH SYSTEM is designed to allow for convenient system expansion after the initial installation to easily respond to increased production requirements in the future.    

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Multi Pallet Pool (MPP)

The Multi Pallet Pool (MPP) offers high-speed pallet transfer and further extended unmanned running, compared to twin or six pallet automation systems. Specifically designed for unmanned lights out running, the configuration on display at EMO will feature a 16 station MPP, but a smaller 10 pallet version is also available. The MPP has an economic footprint – up to 40% smaller than a comparable PALLETECH system – and is controlled using the Smooth CNC, which is equipped with Mazak’s SMOOTH MPP software application. Smooth MPP facilitates advanced scheduling functions, faster analysis of production results and more efficient system utilisation and can be accessed remotely on PCs and smart phones.

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Auto Work Changer (AWC)

The VARIAXIS i-300 AWC (Auto Work Changer) looks and performs like no other 5-axis automation solution. It is designed to deliver a lower cost price per component, faster return-on-investment and improved profitability.

The AWC is ideal for manufacturers requiring increased flexibility to meet the challenges of machining complex components, with a high product mix in small batch sizes. When paired with the AWC, VARIAXIS’ outstanding productivity is enhanced further by fast product changeovers from its 32 stockers to provide continuous machining and reduced non-cutting time.

The AWC comes equipped with its own Smooth AWC software incorporated into MAZATROL SmoothX, which ensures full programming and management from the CNC.

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MA Series

The new MA is an affordable, fully-integrated ‘plug-and-play’ solution, ideally suited to high-mix, low volume 5-axis work, that can be easily installed and programmed via Mazak’s SmoothX CNC. The operating robot requires no specialist knowledge for either installation or programming. In operation, the MA can deliver an immediate productivity improvement with a five-minute changeover between workpieces. The cell also offers the potential to extend the productive hours of the machine with unmanned and lights-out running either overnight or at weekends.

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TA Series

Easy-to-programme robot cell integrated with Mazak’s Smooth CNC, ideal for small to medium lots sizes. Automated robot arm for loading and unloading of workpieces. Ideal for applications that require lights-out unmanned running overnight or at weekends, both the machine tool and the robot are controlled from the Mazak Smooth CNC, which provides a seamless interface and extremely fast set-up.

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Laser Automation    

Discover an automation solution for your Laser Processing machine

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Gantry Loader (GL)

Gantry loaders provide fast loading and unloading for high-volume manufacturing. They bring more versatility, flexibility and productivity when managing chuck and shaft work by offering a variety of loading stations and robotic hands. Gantry loader systems are easy to install and operate, providing a quick, turnkey system that results in immediate increases in productivity.

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Frequent changes to production variables have the potential to massively impact productivity and profitability. The AUTO FLEX CELL is a unique automation solution for the INTEGREX i-series, developed for highly flexible manufacturing environments.

Designed to increase the profitability of jobs requiring frequent changes of tooling, chuck jaws or workpiece, the cell maximises machining hours by reducing product turnaround time – in turn delivering a lower component cost price and increased profitability.

The cell is equipped with five interchangeable carts carrying additional robot hands, chuck jaws and workpieces that can be quickly changed by the robot. The AUTO FLEX CELL is programmed and controlled from Mazak’s SmoothAi CNC.

Additional Automation Systems

We offer additional automation systems to meet your production requirements, including Bar Feeder, TOOL TRANSPORT SYSTEM, e-bot cell and Cobot.

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