Gantry Loader

High speed, high accuracy workpiece transfer and loading/unloading for unmanned operation over extended periods of time. Different specification work loader hands and work conveyors are available for a wide range of Mazak machine tools.

Multi-tasking machines + Gantry Loader

GL series for extended periods of automatic operation

  • High-speed gantry loader ensures higher productivity
  • 2-pallet workpiece conveyor at front and rear allows the setup of next job during machining of the current one
  • Wide variety of gantry loaders to meet your production requirements

Applicable Machines

MULTIPLEX W Series GL-100, GL-150, GL-200, GL-300, GL-400
INTEGREX i Series GL-5-F, GL-75F, GL-100F, GL-150F, GL-200F, GL-300F, GL-400F, GL-500F


CNC turning centers + Gantry Loader

New gantry loader meets a variety of automation requirements

  • Flexible installation - conveyor can be located on machine right or left side, measurement equipment can be added and can connect 2 machines
  • By adding automatic door and robot I/F, gantry loader can be field installed on QUICK TURN's*
  • Different specification work loader hands and gantry loaders are available to meet a wide range of production requirements

Applicable Machines

QUICK TURN* & QT-COMPACT Series GL-30, GL-50, GL-100, GL-150, GL-200, GL-300
*Not available on the QUICK TURN 400, 450 series  


Horizontal machining centers + Gantry Loader

Compact production line with gantry loader

Designed for large volume production for automotive components for the machining of components such as engine blocks and cylinder head.