TA Series

Easy-to-operate robot cell integrated with Mazak’s Smooth CNC, ideal for small to medium lot sizes. Automated robot arm for loading and unloading of workpieces. Ideal for applications that require lights out unmanned running overnight or at weekends, both the machine tool and the robot are controlled from the Mazak Smooth CNC, which provides a seamless interface and extremely fast set-up.

Main benefits

  • Affordable automation
  • Fast and easy set-up for a new job
  • Proven system - Many similar systems installed
  • Extended unmanned operation
  • Easy programming (no specialist robot programming knowledge required)
  • Quick and trouble-free installation with less field assistance required
  • Appropriate for both small and large batch sizes
  • Automated robot cell for loading and unloading of workpieces
  • Robot and stocker system can be easily moved (mounted on a common base plate)
  • Unhindered access for manual intervention, manual operation and maintenance
  • The TA and Machine combination are fully CE Marked by Mazak
  • Flexible - Can be configured for billet or shaft work [OPTION]


QUICK TURN 200MB with TA-12

Stocker Unit

Gripper System


The number of workpieces that can be loaded depends on the diameter and length

Ø x length (mm) No. of pieces
40 x 20 510
80 x 30 224
150 x 35 50
200 x 35 40



  • Guarding is minimal and features a steel and acrylic screen on two sides and by a SICK microScan3 Core Safety Laser Scanner on the other two sides
  • This lack of conventional guarding coupled with an angled robot mounting base allows very easy and uncluttered access to the machine
  • The TA and Machine combination are fully CE Marked by Mazak

Warning area - audible warning signal given if entered and robot slows to 10% of the programmed speed
Protect Area - the robot will stop immediately if entered

Graphical User Interface

GUI integrated into SmoothG controller

  • Provides a seamless interface for the operator with the same look and feel
  • Simple to use
  • Parametric style entry of data
  • Extremely fast set-up & programming (possible within 5 minutes)
  • Unique TA series OEM automation package
  • Reduced cost due to combined control system and power supply for both machine and robot
  • Alternative retrofit automation solutions require separate robot controllers and cannot offer the same advantages 

Applicable Machines

TA Models Machine
TA-12/200, TA-20/200, TA-20/270 QUICK TURN 200MB, 200MY, 200MS, 200MSY250MB, 250MY, 250MS, 250MSY, 300MSY, 350, 350MA, 350MB, 350MS, 350MSY, 350MY